Nicaragua strategic falldown

Nicaragua on the Brink, Once Again By Jon Lee Anderson


Situation in Nicaragua is getting hot.
Violence escalate very quickly and internationally nobody is talking about.
Happen all suddenly, strategically, like the Honduras experiment 1 year ago*

All started with the fire, A fire(1) and a tweet(2)

The fire starts in the forest North of Managua, the capital. Government just ignored the green burning zone and the problem exploded affecting the province and the locals ‘capesinos’ who organize themselves in autonomy to stop the fire and fight back the lack of responsibility promoting a protest in the center of Managua

During the same period of time, April 2018, a tweet account (@SOSINSS) is created with this first tweet

The tweet account was against the reform of INSS is the social insurance in Nicaragua, the government in April approved the law to cut the public social insurance and cut off the pension. Protest in all the country started, violence escalated quickly and someone use this as an advantage from it.

1. the twitter account is anonymous
2. the number of followers increased quickly to ~2000 users
3. tweet directly accused the government bringing real-life-case of people died because of Social Insurance injustice

So, what happen next? After 1 Month of increasing protest and violence Ortega revoked the Social Insurance law, but the protest continues. Now violence seems is stopping, just peaceful protests,occupied university, but it’s still not clear who is behind that explosion of violence and if the some groups are organizing against the Nicaragua government. Ortega is ill (cancer) and have no interest to bring the power with him, but has interest in keeping this power, CIA is working expand American colonization, Nica people is fighting to get democracy (whatever this mean)

So who is taking advantage from this situation ?


From my point of view, is quite clear there is some interest from USA to get Nicaragua back to their side, for commercial, economical and strategic reason Nicaragua is getting important like Panama to let pass or not *a lot* of resources. But Nicaragua is not cooperating instead is closing the border and requiring a Visa to anyone who want to cross the country.

In Honduras happened the same, one year ago there was an natural disaster USA sent some helps and strategically took to protection Honduras creating a direct dependency which now let Honduras in huge need now that USA recently cut off the economical helps what do you think may happen to these state with political instability when some big powerful state offer his protection?


for more info about the situation in Nicaragua you can read this article from Crimethinc: Different Currents in the Nicaraguan Insurrection